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Even the smallest idea can change the course of the future.
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Combine proprietary technology and creative talent to make tools that advance the human mind.
We build technology powered entertainment products.
  • Our products are loved by their creators, and in turn they express love and create beauty.

  • Our products are capable of more than they currently realize. Their evolution encourages people to explore their potential.

  • We all live beyond the confines of this life. Our products remind people of this in their existence.

  • People have practical needs and physical bodies. Our product exist in the real world and seek to help people in real ways.


We are builders and explorers.


Technical Lead
I’m an engineer, a software developer, a musician and a composer. I wrote my first program at the age of 8 and my first orchestral piece at the age of 15. I’ve led digital commerce and account check out teams for global beauty brands. I like the woods, the ocean and C.S. Lewis’ writing.


Product Lead
I’m a number cruncher. I help businesses to transform through acquisition integration, process optimization, strategic planning, and shared services. I also design and implement learning strategies across a broad spectrum of topics. I love all things artistic.

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